When you have tons and tons of shipments to be done to another end of the planet but have no idea how to get the process done, wouldn’t it be much easier and simplified if there is someone to help you out? Or someone to guide you through the entire shipping process or someone to set you on the right track with expert advice? That someone is a freight forwarder!!

A freight forwarder will exclusively be responsible for planning your shipping. They coordinate with the movers while your packages will have to cross international borders and simplify the process. The freight forwarders are otherwise well known as forwarding agents. They can also be a company and arrange shipments either for individuals or another corporate.

Any country’s economic development relies on a greater extent over freight and logistics as it encompasses various modes of transportation, inventory management, and customs brokerage for domestic and international shipping. The freight services are not just limited to getting goods from you and sending them to your destination. They are much more than you can imagine!!

The freight shipping company ensures that your packages are in safe hands throughout the process. These shipping forwarders arrange cargo for your shipping and move them inside the country, known as domestic shipping, or outside, known as international shipping. Certain freight forwarders are experts in specific types of shipping. Therefore, they can either be specialized as international freight forwarders or domestic ones too.

The international freight forwarders have mastered experience in imports and exports, and they handle it pretty much easier than you could ask for. They have specific agents called custom clearance agents, and these people will be taking care of your customs clearance at your destination. Doesn’t that sound like a very simplified process? Well, it’s not all!!

The forwarding agents will arrange space for your goods in the cargo while they collaborate with the cargo agents. These cargoes and the freight agents work together and ensure that the goods are picked, packed, and delivered on time. When you opt for the logistics services or a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, they manage the supply chain, including the inventory management or the warehouse management, fulfilling the orders and shipping them.

The cargo forwarders decide how to get your goods fit in. They arrange either the LCL(less than container load) or an FCL (full container load) based on the type and size of your shipping. They do this to maximize the space and make you get the optimum for what your pay.

Types of the forwarders

The three major types of freight forwarders are

Sea/ocean freight – the slowest yet the most affordable is the sea cargo. The shipment cost would take you almost half of what you would pay for any other mode of freight. Moreover, the sea cargo would be your best bet when the goods you send are not in any rush to be delivered it would take longer than usual to get it delivered but still cost-effective.


Airfreight –air shipment, contrary to sea freight, is the fastest yet the most expensive mode. The air forwarder will arrange an entire space called the air cargo to get your goods moving.

Land freight- land transportation is the simplest and the most preferred method of cargo as it takes a considerably reasonable time to get the shipment done and at an affordable price for everyone. Moreover, land cargo is a reliable mode of shipping too! It is generally for within the country and nearest countries which is border are lies.

Here are some reasons why Freight Forwarder will help you with moving the goods.

Working with a freight forwarder makes your work straightforward. They ship your goods at great prices across the globe and give you an estimate of the arrival time so that you can be sure of when to expect your goods. They perform the handling of goods such as origin handling and destination handling as well. You get to choose from a wide range of shipping options at compelling prices. The freight forwarders will properly plan and handle your shipping goods across the country.





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