The 5 key factors to consider before choosing your freight forwarder

There are dozens of freight forwarders out there. But, before you Choose one, make sure to have a thorough research of them on various aspects. If you are new to international shipping, then you probably don’t understand the importance of forwarding. The truth is, choosing the right freight forwarder can make or break your global business.

The right choice can help you avoid making the wrong one. Finding the right freight forwarder can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for in a transportation company.

Some factors are more important than others when it comes to choosing a freight forwarding company.

The following are the 5 key factors to consider before hiring the right freight forwarder.

1.         Customer service and friendliness – Any customer, for that matter, deserves to be treated like the king and nothing less. This phrase applies to almost all industries out there, and freight forwarders are no exception to it. Outstanding customer service means they extend their support to get your queries resolved. The friendly responses from customer care would make you feel comfortable and want you to come forward to make use of more of their services. They will keep you posted on any delays or issues concerning your cargo and tie you up directly with an agent.

2.         Experience in the field – This is the topmost priority when considering any freight forwarder. The expertise and knowledge in the field give any freight forwarder the ability to handle any unforeseen situations like border shutdowns, rerouting loads, custom clearance, worker strikes, accidents, loss of the package, and more. Most of these issues are very common in any international shipping, and the freight forwarder should be able to deal with those and get your goods back on track till they reach their destination.

3.         Level of international networking – The proficiency in handling our goods at the origin and the destination matters, and the freight forwarder will have to take sole responsibility for the same. If your cargo should have to cross international borders, it’s highly recommended that you do thorough research on how well the freight forwarder has an international network. This networking ensures that the freight forwarder will have someone to handle your goods at the destination safely.

4.         Types of services they offer – Every freight forwarder is different, and especially for any international shipping, every one of them provides a set of unique benefits. When you do your research, get familiar with the type of available services and what you can use. Ensure they have the services like tracking the shipment, handling the documentation work during an import or an export, paying due diligence, clearing the customs, negotiating the charges of freight for you, insurance, packing and storing, booking the cargo space et cetera.,

5.         The forwarder credentials – validating the credentials of the freight forwarder and asking for valued customer reviews are some of the concrete evidences that the freight forwarder has a good reputation and can handle your shipping without any hassle. 

The bottom line is,

Thorough research plays a vital role in leading you toward the right path. Even if you have some previous experience moving your goods with a freight forwarder, it’s still better to invest some time performing research according to the latest trends. Take ample time to frame a set of questions that you would like to ask before setting up the process. Those factors mentioned above are for sure to lead to an efficient and reliable freight forwarder.



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